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The Christmas Story is performed entirely by volunteers.  Our musicians and stage manager are paid professionals.  It costs over $35,000 each season to mount the pageant.  The biggest budget items to fund are the lighting and music.

Producer/Director: Susan Watson

Assistant Producer/Director: 

Assistant Producer: Jennifer Radford

Choir Director: Michael Erdman


Technical Director/Lighting Design: 

Stage Manager: 

Lighting Services: 

Wardrobe: Terecina Stanichevsky

Front of House: 

Poster and Graphics: SURPH Graphic Design

Website Design: Jennifer Radford

Publicity: Jennifer Radford (

Holy Trinity Incumbent:  The Reverend Pamela Trondson 

If you are interested in contributing financially to support the Christmas Story:

(NOTE: in the box which says "1-Mission and Ministry", please scroll down to "2-Christmas Story")

If you are interested in becoming part of our Performing or Backstage teams:

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