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How long does the performance last?

The Christmas Story lasts for just over an hour.  There is no intermission.  If you are attending a 4:30 pm matinee, you will be leaving the church at about 5:45 pm.  If you are attending a 7:00 pm evening performance, you will be leaving the church at about 8:15 pm.

Are babes-in-arms welcome?

Yes, babies and small children are welcome at The Christmas Story.  If for any reason an infant or child becomes inconsolable, please check with an usher and we can arrange to find a quiet place for you backstage.

If you would be interested in having your baby play the role of Jesus for one performance, please contact or phone 416-598-4521 Ext. 301.

Can I bring a stroller?

Due to fire regulations, strollers are not permitted in the aisles.  In addition, actors move up and down the aisles during the performance.  Please arrange with one of the ushers to park your child’s stroller at the back of the church.

Can I take pictures or record video?

Flash photography is not permitted during The Christmas Story.  It is distracting for the performers and poses a safety risk when they are moving on stage.

Please be aware that you are watching a theatre production and that you are in a church.  Many people experience The Christmas Story in a deeply religious way.  We ask that that any recording of videos or taking of photographs be done in a way that does not impact the viewing experience of those around you, ie: please do not hold up a glowing cell phone or pad screen in front of other audience members.   One option is to position yourself at the back of the audience so the screen of your device is not visible to others.

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