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The Christmas Story is performed entirely by volunteers and thousands of hours of time are donated by hundreds of people every year.

It is important to us that The Christmas Story remain accessible to everyone.  This is why we do not charge a fixed ticket price to come to a live performance.  Notwithstanding, we incur significant costs every year to mount the production.  For 2019 our budget was $37,000.   The biggest portions of this amount go to: publicity expenses; renting, installing and running the theatre lighting which hangs from the ceiling of the church for three weeks; and to hiring the professional musicians whose exquisite music accompanies the performers.

As audience members do not buy tickets in advance, we are financially impacted more than other theatre productions when there are adverse weather conditions such as snow or ice storms.

We recognize that many audience members are only able to make a modest contribution.  It is both valued and appreciated. 

Significant donations from a number of individual benefactors allow us to continue to offer The Christmas Story on a pay-what-you-can basis.

A donation of $30 or more will receive a charitable receipt if you leave your name and address. Larger donations of $50, $75, $100 or more will make the show accessible to everyone, regardless of resources.



Donations can be made on-line through Canada Helps. 

(on the Church of the Holy Trinity's Canada Helps page, in the box which says "1-Mission and Ministry" please scroll down select "2-Christmas Story" - as the fund your donation will support). Canada Helps accepts Credit, Debit, & Paypal.


You can write a cheque to

"The Christmas Story - Church of the Holy Trinity"

and mail it to us at:

The Christmas Story

Church of the Holy Trinity

10 Trinity Square

Toronto, ON M5G 1B1


If you are interested in remembering The Christmas Story through  a bequest in your will, please contact the Parish Administrator at 416-598-4521  Ext. 222.

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